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Diane Delin Offers:

OPUS - One Planet Under The Sun 

A multicultural musical weaving, pulling colorful rhythmic, melodic, and thematic threads from countries around the world including:

Offerings for A Peaceable Season - International, nondenominational holiday program, based on CD voted in "Best Holiday Jazz CDs Ever" by NPR.

"Melodic season's greetings from various cultures will bring holiday cheer to religious and agnostic music fans alike." George Harris

Delinquncy Jazz – Jazz Quartet

“Delin swings hard in the company of an excellent rhythm section”
Doug Ramsey, Jazz Times Magazine

Duality - Duo with pianist Dennis Luxion

"The duo creates a rich ambiance that has precedence in the work of Bill Evans and Chick Corea’s duo work, but has a sound all its own.”
John Kelman, All About Jazz and Jazz Views UK

Octagon - a double quartet of jazz and string quartet

“Evocative performance…The way Delin and these musicians merge jazz rhythm with quasi classical instrumentation could lure both audiences. Delin and friends virtually transcend genre, playing a music that embraces many idioms.”
Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

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